D'Lupita's Salon
a couple doors south of Tamale Inn also manicures and pedicures
Speaks English 661-612-3128

Douglas Hair Salon
Judith Douglas, owner, Km 31, about a mile south of town. Excellent cuts for problem hair. Full services for men and women, English spoken

Extreme Beauty Salon
Blvd Benito Juarez 294-B, across from and a little south of El Nido
Hair, manicures and pedicures Gabriela (Gabby), Stylist speaks English 661-612-0417

Fernando Olivarrea
Stylist speaks English, #1 Peten
Baja Malibu 664-631-3953

Salon Services in your home
Haircuts, manicure, pedicure
Very reasonable, English/Spanish
Cell 661-111-5731
Hair / Beauty Salons
Professional Handyman Services including painting, cement & tile work, electrical, plumbing, pressure washing, car detailing, gardening
Bilingual, References available
cell 661-106-5636 / 661-100-2536

Speaks English, also see under Plumbers, highly recommended
cell: 661-111-8698
cell: 664-411-4374

Stephen Barajas
Tile work, plumbing, Jacuzzi Spas, electrical, painting. Can fix anything! 661-613-9044
Mex toll free 01-800-788-7985
US 423-462-5366
US toll free 1-877-860-1484
Fluent in Spanish & English

Excellent handyman. Does it all.
Very reasonable. Very neat.
Bilingual, Cell 661-107-6306

The Handy Man
I'll do what your "honey" doesn't
have time to do. Baja Malibu to
La Mision. Fluent in English
Ramon Villicana, cell 661-102-3037

International Mail
Located in Oceana Plaza, Suite 19 Lower Level, 661-612-0155

Jorge Cuadros & Associates
Quinta Plaza 3-B
661-612-1295 / 619-819-5173

Mail Express & Xtras
Ave Mar del Norte #115-3
Alejandra Cordova 661-612-2423

Romero Agency
Ave. Mar del Norte No. 973-B
Behind Bancomer Shopping Center
also passport photos 661-612-5646

Ernesto Grijalva Gomez
Oceana Plaza #20
661-612-0521 / cell 661-850-1449

Immigration / VISAs
Bernie's Insurance
Blvd Benito Juarez in Quinta Strip Mall by the lights. Speaks English
661-612-1028 or 661-612-0044

Jorge Cuadros & Associates
Quinta Plaza 3-B, Speaks English 661-612-1295 / 619-819-5137

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Services
Auto, Motorcycle, RV, Boat

Qualitas Insurance
A couple of doors north of Tamale Inn 661-612-9269

Padilla Joyeria
Across from the Cruz Roja Thrift Store, upstairs. Good place for watch batteries.
Jewelry Repair
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