Dan's Upholstery
Mar Mediterraneo #36-A Zona Centro Rosarito (corner of Calle del Abeto and Mar Med) He speaks English and was trained in the States by a furniture maker. He spent almost 20 years there before returning to Rosarito.
cell 661-616-8765

Tapiceria Diamante
Km 31 East side of the Free Rd.
Excellent work at reasonable prices.
Cell 664-408-0530
Water Softener
Bites & Scratches
Located on Ensenada Way east of Blvd. Benito Juarez
M.V.Z. Alejandra Mayo Montero & M.V.Z. Carina Toledo Iniguez. 661-612-6930

Clinica para Animales
Blvd. Benito Juarez #266-1
Dr. Fernando Silva 661-613-1916
Emergency cell 661-107-0312
Protect all water-using equipment and appliances. Inexpensive. Easy installation. Ron Sharpe
661-612-5992 / 619-399-7978
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