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Election 2023

Voting Process

Our December 5th General Meeting is a chance for our members to come together and take part in the election of the USBC 2024-2027 Executive Board and Board of Directors. All active USBC members as of October 31, 2023 who are in attendance at the December 5th General Meeting are eligible to vote and will be given a ballot.

The following board positions will be on the ballot and are open to candidates:



  • President

  • Vice President

  • 2nd Vice President/Sergeant-at-Arm

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer


  • Seven (7) open positions


If you meet the eligibility requirements above but are unable to attend the December 5th General Meeting you may request a proxy ballot no later than November 27, 2023. Proxy ballots will be emailed after November 7th to those requesting one. Proxy ballots must be returned to USBC by email no later than November 28, 2023 in order to be counted at the December 5th General Meeting along with the in-person ballots.

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