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The United Society of Baja California (USBC), is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1983, with a mission to provide support to charitable and special interest groups in the Rosarito area of Baja California, Mexico. Over the years, USBC has grown into a social group, welcoming new members to the area and providing activities allowing for easier integration into the Mexico way of life. But more than a charitable & social group, USBC is your FAMILY in Rosarito. USBC serves the expat community of Rosarito as a trusted source of information, connections and recommendations for living in Mexico.



In February1983, Lois Lucas was approached by Pastor Richard Dwyer regarding the formation of an American Society of Baja California. As he stated, Americans can move in and out of Baja California, be entangled in distressing situations, or live and die in Baja without their fellow expatriates knowing of it. He mentioned the fact that he and his wife, Joy, had moved to Guadalajara knowing nothing of the city. They joined the American Society of Jalisco, obtained one of their directories, and practically lived by their recommendations during the time they were there. It was suggested that since Lois and Bob were going to Guadalajara, that possibly they could obtain a copy of their Constitution and By Laws and the possibility of forming a similar Society could be pursued.....

USBC Leadership

Executive Board

Wayne Denniston - President

Jim Henshaw - First Vice President

Mona Jean Smith-Middleton - Second Vice President

Linda Denniston - Secretary

Larry Norman - Treasurer

Judy Westphal - Immediate Past President

Kathy Hutzler - Alternate

Board of Directors

Jo Flowers

Paul Flowers

Larry Kolisnyk

DeeDee Martinson

Laura Orange

Arlene Siemens

Danielle Williams

Diego Knight - Communications Officer

D'Marie Warzecha - Membership Chairperson


Danielle Williams - Speaker Chairperson

Judy Westphal - Greeter & Membership Table

Mona Jean Smith-Middleton - Greeter

DeeDee Martinson - Socials & Events

Kathy Fatica - Newsletter

D'Marie Warzecha - Website

Lifetime Membership

We Congratulate the following United Spciety of Baja California members who have achieved the distinction of Lifetime Membership Status

Fred Alarcon
Barbara Collins
Dave Eliot
Bob Loury
Amy Valenzuela
Maggi Wagneer
Judy Westphal

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