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Our Mission

Community Support

USBC plays a large part in the support of the local community by volunteering time and resources. We support the education and well-being of local youth through our philanthropic endeavors. Partnering with loca charities, we can provide additional help on local operations. Some of our partner organizations:

  • Flying Samaritans Rosarito Chapter

  • Baja California Spay & Neuter Foundation

  • Hearts of Baja Children's Network

  • Baja Bridges

  • FRAO (Foreign Residents Attention Office)

Social Events & Excursions

Every month USBC offers several opportunities for members to get together for food, fun and travel. We have a monthly General Meeting with interesting guest speakers. Social Saturday is a great way to make new friends and connect with old friends while enjoying a nice lunch. Group cruises and day excursions to the wine country, local restaurants and other interesting Baja attractions are also offered.

Your New Family In Baja

Whether you moved to Baja from the United States, Canada or somewhere else, chances are you arrived with more questions about living here in Mexico than furniture and possessions. It can be overwhelming, a bit scary and even lonely. So where do you turn for help and answers? Sure, there are lots of Baja groups on Facebook where you can post your question or request for recommendations, but often you will get so many different and conflicting answers that you end up being more confused and frustrated. 

When you become a member of USBC you become part of a family of like-minded expats living here in Baja. Over the past 40 years our members have been through just about every imaginable situation you may be faced with here. When you have a problem or question, your USBC family has the experience and connections to either help you directly or else connect you with the right people, organization or governmental agency.


Everyone needs a family in Baja . . .

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